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Now that we’re all grown up (for the most part), we’re all looking for ways to workout that aren’t necessarily traditional, aka boring or difficult. Cue Ninja 101. It’s like the creators of this place were listening to our thoughts and answered our prayers. If you’re looking for a way to get that heart rate up without having to buy a gym membership, continue reading.

The idea behind Ninja 101 is basically a really fun and sociable way to burn energy, without realising you’re doing it, while generally entertaining your inner child. And the best part is—if you hate asking your friends to workout with you, you can just ask them out on a Ninja date instead. Sounds cool, eh?

Whether you’re looking to let loose or unleash some serious parkour skills on the joint, both ends of the spectrum are catered for—and everything in between. Ninja 101 has a lazy 22 obstacle courses, and they all involve things like climbing, balancing (yeah, good luck with that), endurance, strength and ICYMI, fun. They also have two inflatable obstacles for the actual children.

Ninja 101 is open every day of the week and we’re thinking this is the most fun way for you to get fit AF.

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