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frequently asked questions

*Please Note: Strictly NO outside food or drink is allowed inside our venue. Thank you for respecting our company policy.*

1. Do we need to book?

YES.​ Bookings are required post-COVID-19 as we do need to monitor, distribute and prepare ahead of time for the safety of our customers and team. 

2. Are you located in Wetherill Park or Prospect?

We relocated from Wetherill Park to Prospect and we have expanded our obstacle course. We are only located in Prospect.

3. What do we wear?

Wear exercise attire. You are guaranteed to build up a sweat on our obstacle course! Also wear sneakers with good grip.

4. What is the minimum age for the obstacle course?

Our course can be accessed by people of all ages - for children 6 and under we do ask that parents/guardians stay with the child to supervise and assist 

5. Is it free-play or is there a team member that takes us through the course?

Ninja 101 is free-play - complete the course however you would like at your own pace! Our staff will be around to supervise and assist. Feel free to ask them anything! We are more than willing to help.

6. How much does it cost?


0-5 years: $13.50 

Under 18: $23.50

Over 18: $25


$25 for all ages!!

7. Is the obstacle course for adults as well?

For sure! We have expanded our obstacle course so we have obstacles specifically for adults. Looks are deceiving and some children perform better on obstacles than adults! Challenge yourself and find out who you will perform.


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