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Empowering our participants to be confident, connected and strong in mind and body!


Our Ninja Fitness sessions are also designed to teach core strength, stamina and techniques needed for the correct use of the obstacle course.


The true advantage lays in the power of overcoming the challenges and obstacles, instilling in our youth the ability to work towards achieving goals and overcoming what was thought not possible.

Ninja Fitness = strong in mind and body.

Being inspired and passionate about health and fitness from a young age is our aim.

To complement our junior and youth programs we also introduce our Mini Ninjas class for 2.5 years..  

Taught by our trained instructors who have martial arts, zumba, personal and fitness qualifications they bring vibrancy fun and knowledge to each session. These classes combine fun and fitness to ensure everyone who walks in our door, leaves feeling awesome!

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Kids & Youth
Ninja Fitness

Monday: 4:15pm + 5:30pm

Tuesday: 4:15pm + 5.30pm

Thursday: 4:15pm + 5:30pm

*Sessions will open with demand on other days.

Mini Ninjas 

Tuesday: 4:15pm
*Sessions will open with demand.




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