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   play . train .conquer .

Welcome to Ninja 101!

Where everyone can take on the challenge of the obstacles, 

so if you dream of being a Ninja - you've  come to the right place.

Click on the Book Now button to check opening times as it varies across the week

Our motto is

Play . Train . Conquer

you need more then physical ability, you need a strong mind and  a sense of fun and adventure..

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


waiver forms

Pricing for a 1 hour casual session is as follows:

Under 5's: $13.50

Under 18's: $23.50

2 hour Special $25

Adults: $25.00

Skip the queue by printing your form ahead of time.

Access Waiver Forms Here:

Under 18

Over 18

Friday Night 
Teen Night

Ninja 101, the first Friday of every month is dedicated to the kids!
The lights will dim, music turned up and challenges on the ninja course will begin.
There is also a soccer court and basketball area where the kids can try their luck at sport.

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